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February 2021

TUBAL FUNCTION ASSESSMENT As we discussed; the tubal function is very vital in the whole process of conception. One needs to know whether the tubes are in a good state of structure and function. Tubal structure and functions can be altered because of various reasons like infection, previous surgeries, endometriosis Infections in past may damage the inner lining of the tube. It may also bring about fibrosis and can block the tubes

Any problem in the process of ovulation i.e. growth and release of egg can lead to difficulty in achieving pregnancy. To know the problems in ovulation one needs to do the ovulation study. Ovulation study is an internal/vaginal sonography, starting from day 9 of periods. The day one gets periods should be counted as ‘day 1’. The egg/ovum develops in an egg shell called as follicle. The egg is surrounded by

World Cancer Day 2021 is observed every year on 4th February to spread awareness, inspire change and reduce the global impact of cancer all around the world. Here are some ideas to diminish these anxieties and plan a future. After a cancer diagnosis, it can be hard to think about the future. You may wonder if you even have a future and be reluctant to buy a new dress or plan

Every month after menses one egg starts developing in the ovary and it is released in the middle of the cycle. This is called as ovulation. Development and release of the egg are necessary even to keep normal female hormones in balance. If there are any disturbances in this process, it leads to hormonal imbalances. What is PCOD? PCOD means polycystic ovaries. In PCOD ; eggs don’t develop completely and don’t get

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