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We are a multispecialty healthcare provider in Pune, delivering the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

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July 2021

This is an excellent example of how the internet can help everyone irrespective of the distances. Though, The requirement posted is a little old. We would like to provide another great option for those who have similar queries. Oyster and Pearl Hospital has a legacy of 60 years in healthcare, with a team of specialists in all fields. We provide mother & child care services with brilliant infrastructure and skilled staff.

Dr. H.N Phadnis: 50 years back, a man with a powerful belief to bring a transformation in women’s health gave birth to ‘Shree Clinic’. This legendary man, the very soul of Oyster and Pearl is Dr. H.N. Phadnis. Testimony of medical expertise, professionalism, and devoted practice, he built a seamless reputation for the clinic which now stands as a rock-solid foundation for Oyster and Pearl Hospital. Dr. H.N Phadnis Dr. H.N. Phadnis, the

Pregnant this monsoon? While pregnancy brings about that glow on your face and makes you feel special, it also brings with it, its share of discomfort and an assortment of problems. Research states that many moms-to-be may experience uneasiness during their pregnancy, especially in the monsoon months. Although the rainy season makes you let your hair down and feel blissful, it does nothing to assuage the discomfort a mom-to-be may experience

Good Afternoon ma'am This is a very joyful and proud moment for me and my colleagues that we received an appreciation from our ONP Group. A very big Thank you for appreciation…….the Gifted Momento and a very tasty treat. This encourages us to walk further with some new freshness and to walk with a good confidence. Mam, a big Thanks to you for continuous support for us. I also observed all those people's careful

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