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3rd Wave of COVID-19 in India and Pediatric Age Group

Many children under the age of 18 and infants have received treatment for Covid-19 as India progresses to deal with the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, with a record increase in daily cases and fatalities attributable to the virus. Analysts claim that the third wave of the COVID-19 virus in India would have a negative impact on youngsters. As per specialists, the first wave of the epidemic targeted the old, the second wave harmed more youngsters, and the third wave might be hazardous to youngsters. Epidemics often emerge in phases, so a third phase in India is likely possible to occur, although its timing and intensity are difficult to predict.

From the analysis of data of the first and second wave, Covid in under-aged groups are comparatively less severe. Right around 90-95% of cases are either asymptomatic or show gentle indications and can be effectively overseen at home with every day finish up teleconsultation at medicare clinic. Below 5% cases show moderate manifestations and can be handled at Covid Care Hospitals. Hardly 1-2 percent of patients exhibit severe symptoms and need special treatment.

The occurrence of serious infection, known as MIS-C, is only 1-2/100,000, and these severe instances are treated with a good outcome if detected early. Likewise, these MIS-C patients cannot spread disease to others. So, regardless of whether infectivity is increased, the severity will be reduced. However, we should keep that in mind here and be prepared for the worst-case scenario. As a result, we should have additional IPD and ICU beds on hand.

As of late, the Maharashtra Taskforce requested to the public authority that each child be immunized against the flu in advance of the rainfall. Influenza and COVID are caused by different infections, and there is no evidence that influenza antibodies provide direct protection against COVID. In the event that we inoculate kids with flu shots, instances of youngsters becoming truly ill or hospitalized with flu will decrease. As a result, this would assist to decongest medical clinics, diminish the demand in RTPCR testing, and open up beds if COVID cases increased.

Finally, if a wave emerges, no matter how minor or major, we must firmly follow COVID precautionary steps and model it for our children. For additional information about COVID, please contact us; our specialists will gladly provide you with the necessary instructions.

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