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Family Planning

Pregnant this monsoon? While pregnancy brings about that glow on your face and makes you feel special, it also brings with it, its share of discomfort and an assortment of problems. Research states that many moms-to-be may experience uneasiness during their pregnancy, especially in the monsoon months. Although the rainy season makes you let your hair down and feel blissful, it does nothing to assuage the discomfort a mom-to-be may experience

The pregnancy duration is of 9 months and 7 days i.e. 40 weeks. We divide it into 3 parts. Each of 3 months. So these are called 3 trimesters. 1st Trimester:*Nausea and vomiting*Decrease appetite*Slight discomfort in the lower abdomen*Giddiness, tiredness, sleepiness*Increase frequency of urination 2nd Trimester*Backache*Constipation and Piles*Shortness of breath*increase breast size and heaviness 3rd Trimester*Leg Cramps*shortness of breath*Increase frequency of Urine*Heartburn*Swelling of legs*Stretch marks on the abdomen Don't Worry*Nausea and vomiting in 1st

Though the only way to be sure you’re pregnant, is taking the pregnancy test, certain early signs of pregnancy serve as initial indicators. About 60% of women have early pregnancy symptoms by the time it’s been 6 weeks, and nearly 90% have them by the time they’re 8 weeks. Listed below, are some signs to watch out for. Just remember, all women don’t experience all of them. Missing your periods In

Most science students have to study about reproduction in their high school syllabus, and some learn from their parents, who may discuss it even earlier. It’s a very good thing to know about our own bodies, especially when changes are occurring. All you need to know about reproduction Dr. Amita Phadnis, Pediatrician Most science students have to study about reproduction in their curriculum when they are in the 11th or 12th grade.

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