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Breast Feeding Week ( first week of August) got over yesterday . Many campaigns were alive - from TV to print to electronic media. That breast milk is the best is proven by innumerable research studies & nobody should now have a doubt about that. I would like to highlight an important point about breastfeeding - the stress that the mother puts herself through, the “pressure” that is built up in the first

At Oyster & Pearl, we endeavor to make the 9 months during a woman’s pregnancy, as also her post delivery period, absolute worry free and comfortable. Pregnancy and childbirth are phases in a woman’s life requiring utmost care and safety. We endeavor to propagate safe pregnancy care and childbirth for every couple. As promoters of the natural delivery process, we strongly emphasize on antenatal care for the couple as well. NORMAL

When it comes to ensuring the health and happiness of your children, vaccination is the first place to start. Vaccines protect children from certain avoidable diseases and are a promise of prevention that lasts a lifetime. Here’s 5 vaccinations recommended for your child:   1. Polio Vaccination Polio is contagious virus that attacks the nervous system. Usually affecting children of a young age (younger than 5) it can result in deformity and paralysis. WHO

It’s a beautiful world that a baby enters once it leaves the mother’s body. However, a number of physical as well as emotional changes occur for both the mother and the baby once the delivery is completed. The baby, who no longer can depend on the mother’s placenta for its physiologic functions, needs proper attention and care to make adjustment to this new life. And, a fully-equipped Neonatal Intensive Care

Though the only way to be sure you’re pregnant, is taking the pregnancy test, certain early signs of pregnancy serve as initial indicators. About 60% of women have early pregnancy symptoms by the time it’s been 6 weeks, and nearly 90% have them by the time they’re 8 weeks. Listed below, are some signs to watch out for. Just remember, all women don’t experience all of them. Missing your periods In

There’s no better food for newborns than mother’s milk. Mother’s milk contains all the nutritional value necessary for babies and contains antibodies that boost immunity against external infections. There’s no better food for newborns than mother’s milk. Mother’s milk contains all the nutritional value necessary for babies, and has antibodies that boost immunity against external infections. Besides being easy for babies to digest, mother’s milk gives them everything they need: water,

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