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Founder Dr. H N Phadnis

Dr. H.N Phadnis The ‘Soul’ of Shree Clinic

Dr. H.N Phadnis:

50 years back, a man with a powerful belief to bring a transformation in women’s health gave birth to ‘Shree Clinic’. This legendary man, the very soul of Oyster and Pearl is Dr. H.N. Phadnis.

Testimony of medical expertise, professionalism, and devoted practice, he built a seamless reputation for the clinic which now stands as a rock-solid foundation for Oyster and Pearl Hospital.

Founder Dr. H N Phadnis
Dr. H.N Phadnis

Dr. H.N. Phadnis, the best Obstetrician-Gynecologist in the ’50s and father of Dr. Avinash Phadnis took a futuristic leap addressing the pertinent issues related to women and child health for the first time in Pune. In no time, his unremitting efforts gained recognition and creditability nationwide.

Dr. H.N. Phadnis was the foremost practitioner who started practicing infertility and high-risk cases related to childbirth in the city.

The student life of scholar H.N. Phadnis:

The student life of scholar H.N. Phadnis was spent in Wilson Hospital, Grant Medical College in Mumbai, and Grant Medical College in J.J hospital. As an extremely intelligent and enthusiastic student, he passed out from college with merits and laurels.

Five decades ago, Dr. H.N. Phadnis started practicing Obstetric Gynecology at Shree Clinic in Quarter Gate, Shivaji Nagar.

It was his undaunted passion and medical proficiency that led to the expansion of a small Shree Clinic into a stunning two-storied hospital in 1967 at Deccan. They a great visionary Who introduced infertility treatments to Pune.

Dr. H.N. Phadnis set a lasting benchmark for quality, trust, expertise, and care in the city. As a teacher as well as a practitioner, he has earned a timeless reputation for dedication to woman and child health.

In 1991, Dr. H.N. Phadnis in his search for spiritual enlightenment took recluse under the Osho Guru Acharya Rajnish and handed over the baton to his son veteran Dr. Avinash Phadnis.

He stayed with Acharya Rajnish for 17 years, who entitled him as the “Spiritually Enlightened Soul” and named him “Ajit Saraswati.”

In his spiritual pursuit, he met Osho J. Krishnamurthy and Vimala Thakar. An ardent believer of Vipassana, he followed the healthy way of living and succumbed to Leukemia in 2003, leaving behind a legacy of glory and faith.

Dr. H.N. Phadnis The ‘Soul’ of Shree Clinic – the enlightened soul dedicated his life to revolutionizing women’s health and played a pivotal role in bringing remarkable medical services to Pune.

They shall be revered forever as the cornerstone for Oyster and Pearl.

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