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Know About PCOD

Every month after menses one egg starts developing in the ovary and it is released in the middle of the cycle. This is called as ovulation. Development and release of the egg are necessary even to keep normal female hormones in balance. If there are any disturbances in this process, it leads to hormonal imbalances.

What is PCOD?

PCOD means polycystic ovaries. In PCOD ; eggs don’t develop completely and don’t get released from the ovary and remain there as fluid filled sacs. Hence ovaries are called as polycystic ovaries.

What are the causes of PCOD?

There are various reasons for this condition like family history of diabetes, stress, obesity esp. fat on tummy, eating junk food, and sweets or other high calorie food and lack of exercise. Urban lifestyle is very much responsible for this problem.

What are the problems because of PCOD?

PCOD leads to no. of problems like irregular periods, heavy bleeding during periods, pimples, hair growth on face etc. It is also one of the common causes of infertility. Since the egg is not released from the ovary pregnancy doesn’t occur.

What is the treatment for PCOD?

Life style changes is very important. Weight loss atleast 510%, avoiding sugar, Maida and oil/ghee, daily exercise and stress management are important measures. Some medicines also do help in controlling the problem but life style changes are must. Patients with infertility may need medicines for ovulation induction and sonography monitoring.

What medicines are necessary in PCOD?

PCOD patients have higher insulin residence. Higher insulin resistance is also associated with higher insulin levels in blood. To decrease this insulin resistance medicines like Metformin and Myo-inositol are necessary.

What are medicines for ovulation induction?

Apart from life style changes medicines like Clomiphene citrate, Letrozole and inj. HNG may be necessary. These medicines are given from day 2 of the cycle and then further ovulation is monitored to assess the response.

What is ovarian drilling?

Ovarian drilling is making punctures in the ovaries laparoscopically to decrease the hormonal imbalance and improve ovulation. This is necessary in patients not responding to medicines.

Is IVF needed in PCOD?

Yes if PCOD doesn’t respond to medicines/treatment then one might need IVF/ICSI for conception.

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