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We are a multispecialty healthcare provider in Pune, delivering the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

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Mother & Child Care

Begin your journey into motherhood with the promise of good health

Of all the happiness and challenges that life poses, pregnancy and motherhood are the most magical. As a mother, you want the best hands to take care of you and your little one. ONP is well equipped to provide just what you and your baby need. You will be cared for by the maternal and fetal medicine team if you are facing a high-risk pregnancy, such as one complicated by genetic, obstetric, medical or surgical conditions. The maternal and fetal medicine experts at ONP Hospital offer you the most advanced treatment and care for complex maternal and fetal diseases in pregnancy. ONP Hospital's multidisciplinary team of doctors includes those trained in treating pregnant women with complex problems, experts in treating children with congenital conditions (neonatologists, pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, urologists, nephrologists) and specialists with extensive experience in fetal surgery. These specialists complement obstetrical care providers and can co-manage complex conditions before or during pregnancy.

A dedicated team of physicians and nurses ensures the optimal planning for delivery and neonatal care. You will receive support from a compassionate team of providers including dietitians, counselors, and nurse specialists.

Normal delivery

Make the most of the magic of childbirth at ONP Hospital with utmost care during pregnancy and labor.

  • Expert doctors to attend to you 24 x 7
  • High-tech neonatal care unit to ensure immediate care for newborns

Cesarean delivery

If you need a little help in birthing your baby, our experienced team of doctors is at the ready so you can still have a delivery as beautiful as promised.

  • State-of-the-art labor rooms, 24×7 anaesthetists, waiting areas with NST machines and monitors, for measuring parameters like BP and oxygen saturation
  • International-standard labor rooms and operation theaters that are located right next to the labor rooms

Post-delivery care

We know that being a new mother is not easy.  Which is why we are equipped through and through to take care of your newborn baby and yourself after the delivery.

  • Lactation consultants & dieticians to help new mothers
  • Private lactation rooms

Cord blood banking

Preserve your baby’s stem cells so you can be prepared no matter what the future holds. In collaboration with India’s leading stem cell bank, Lifecell, we give you the best-in-class stem cell services.

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Obstetrics | Gynecology | Gynecological endoscopy | IVF

Consultant Gynecologist

Obstetrics and gynaecology | Infertility | High-risk obstetrics

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