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Ovulation Study

Any problem in the process of ovulation i.e. growth and release of egg can lead to difficulty in achieving pregnancy. To know the problems in ovulation one needs to do the ovulation study.

Ovulation study is an internal/vaginal sonography, starting from day 9 of periods. The day one gets periods should be counted as ‘day 1’. The egg/ovum develops in an egg shell called as follicle. The egg is surrounded by a clear fluid inside this follicle. This follicle grows in size slowly from day 9 till the day it ruptures.

Day 9 onwards the follicle size can be monitored by sonography. Sonography is continued for around 4-5 days daily or alternate days as per the doctor’s advice. Usually the size of the follicle increases and reaches around 20 mm. After that the follicle ruptures and egg/ovum is released. This is documented on sonography which helps your physician in planning further treatment.

Every month, the day of ovulation may change so we need to do ovulation study every month. Ovulation study gives us vital information about endometrial size as well.

Some patients may need injection HCG for rupture of the follicle; once the size of the follicle becomes 20-22 mm. If there is no growth of the follicle we might need to stop ovulation study and start some medicines or injections next month and repeat the ovulation study.

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