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When abdomen muscles permit the abdomen to sag the internal organs of the body push against the abdomen walls, causing restrictions in the intestinal tubes. These restrictions can result in indigestion, fatigue constipation and abdominal cramps, the VISSCO 20cm abdominal belt lifts and carries the extended abdomen and provides the proper support to reduce pain. The belt is recommended in cases of pregnancy, post operative support and in other cases of abdominal surgery. It is ideally suited for horizontal incisions of lower, middle and upper abdomen. The belt is made from a cotton knitted elastic fabric with holes that allow the skin pores to breathe.

  • Very Easy to wear and adjustable at abdominal region.
  • The abdominal belt is made up of cotton fabric and elastic.
  • It is highly suitable for post-surgery patients, after abdominal surgery and pregnancy people for their support.
  • This belt is skin friendly with air flow and can apply to certain horizontal regions i.e.upper abdomen, lower and middle abdomen.
  •  It is a best post operative support product.


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