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Learn how to communicate with your baby

If you thought that babies start talking to you only when they say their first words, then think again. Babies begin to communicate with their mother and caregivers through various non-verbal modes, such as crying, cooing and gurgling.

As a mother, it is not only important for you to understand what your baby is trying to say to you, but also to respond in a way that the baby can understand.

Here are some simple and effective ways in which you can communicate with your baby.

1. Be attentive and smile

It is essential to be attentive to the many ways in which your baby tries to communicate with you. The baby should feel like you are listening to his or her cooing, gurgling and crying. Smile at your baby often, so that she is encouraged to express herself.

2. Imitate your baby

Imitation is a powerful technique to build communication channels with your baby. When you mirror your baby’s sounds and facial expressions, she begins to believe that what she is trying to say to your matters to you and is being received by you. Don’t hesitate to lovingly imitate all kinds of sounds that your baby makes.

3. Talk to your baby

Your baby acquires all his language and speech skills by listening to you. Therefore, it is also important for you to talk to your baby, using simple, relevant words, in a warm and happy tone. Keep in mind that these are the words that the baby will pick up and learn.

By the time your baby is one year old, she should be responsive to her own name and other familiar words. While normal language and speech development vary from baby to baby, you could always have a doctor assess whether your baby is doing fine in this regard.

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