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Tubal Testing


As we discussed; the tubal function is very vital in the whole process of conception. One needs to know whether the tubes are in a good state of structure and function. Tubal structure and functions can be altered because of various reasons like infection, previous surgeries, endometriosis

Infections in past may damage the inner lining of the tube. It may also bring about fibrosis and can block the tubes permanently. If the patient has undergone any surgeries in past; it may give adhesion formation around the tubes and can kink or block the tubes.

Endometriosis is a condition in which there is an abnormal growth of the inner lining of the uterus called endometrium outside the uterus in the surrounding tissues.
This may bring about swelling of the tube and can alter the function of adhesion formation around the tubes.

Tubal patency can be tested by tests like HSG(Hysterosalpingography). This test involves pushing a liquid dye through the cervix which fills the uterine cavity and fills the tubes too.
This dye then comes out of the tubes. This can be seen in X-Ray and the patency of the tubes can be checked.

Sometimes Sonosalpingography can also tell us the tubal patency. If there is an abnormal HSG then one needs to evaluate the reason for the abnormality with the help of diagnostic Laparohysteroscopy and simultaneous correction at the same sitting.

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