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What To Expect

The pregnancy duration is of 9 months and 7 days i.e. 40 weeks. We divide it into 3 parts. Each of 3 months. So these are called 3 trimesters.

1st Trimester:
*Nausea and vomiting
*Decrease appetite
*Slight discomfort in the lower abdomen
*Giddiness, tiredness, sleepiness
*Increase frequency of urination

2nd Trimester
*Constipation and Piles
*Shortness of breath
*increase breast size and heaviness

3rd Trimester
*Leg Cramps
*shortness of breath
*Increase frequency of Urine
*Swelling of legs
*Stretch marks on the abdomen

Don’t Worry
*Nausea and vomiting in 1st three months of pregnancy are normal. It is because of an increase in pregnancy hormones. Usually, this decreases by 12 weeeks/3 Months.
One needs to avoid oily and spicy food. Small frequent feeds will help. Doctors would prescribe you some medicines which will take care of nausea and vomiting.

*Constipation too is common in pregnancy. One needs to drink an ample amount of water throughout the day. Eat a high fiber diet like salads, green leafy vegetables, Fruits. One needs to avoid bread and bakery products. Laxatives with a doctor’s advice may be useful.

*Backache is very common in pregnancy. It is mainly because of faulty posture while sitting and some pregnancy chances in the curve of the spine. Some physiotherapy exercises and posture correction would help you.

*Acidity or vomiting in pregnancy is also common. One needs to avoid eating spicy food and avoid lying down in bed immediately after eating. Light walks after food and avoiding tea and coffee also helps. Antacids sometimes may be necessary.

*Swelling on legs can be normal in pregnancy in the second and third trimester but one needs to check on your BP and urine-proteins.

See your Physician if there is
*Swelling on the legs, facial puffiness, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, headache, visual disturbances
*vaginal watery discharge or bleeding
*Decrease baby movements
*Pain in abdomen

*Don’t take medicines on your own without a doctor’s advice as all medicines may not be suitable and safe in pregnancy
*Sexual relations best be avoided 1st 3 months if previous abortions/bleeding. Also to be avoided in 9th month.
*No smoking, No Alcohol

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