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An Annual Checkup is Important For Your Whole Health.

An Annual Checkup is Important For Your Whole Health.

An annual checkup is important for your whole health. Even if you’re feeling healthy and tempted to skip this year’s exam, a checkup provides an opportunity for you to connect with your doctor and to identify issues or concerns before symptoms appear. During your...

Maternity Hospital In Pimple Saudagar

One of the best maternity hospitals in Pimple Saudagar for mothers and children is ONP Leela hospital. For every woman, there comes the point in life when she needs to consult a gynecologist. Usually, the need to see a gynecologist arises due to a multitude of reasons. In general, the reasons can be, The patient may experience irregular or massive blood flow during periods, The patient may be going through menopause, The patient is expecting a baby.

ONP Leela-hospital is one of the best hospitals in Pimple Saudagar the factors that make it unique are:


  • ONP Hospitals provide specialized Obstetrics and Gynaecology provides services for women.
  • The journey of motherhood is the most precious period in the life of every woman.
  • We assure you to make this journey most memorable too.
  • ONP Hospital is the best maternity hospital in Pune with over 60 years of experience in Obstetrics and gynecology.
Best Gynecologist in Pimple Saudagar

Best Gynecologist in Pimple Saudagar

We will be with you throughout your pregnancy and provide all the assistance you will need, including antenatal care, delivery option as you preferred or are medically required, and postnatal care. ONP Hospital’s consultant obstetricians ensure that you will receive the highest quality of pregnancy care. We are also equipped with comfort and luxury rooms to offer the ideal environment for this joyous moment.

We bring together the services that women access the most, like specialized gynecologic procedures and the most advanced care for high-risk pregnancies. We care for women with their special needs in mind and that makes the difference for them and for their families. ONP Leela-Hospitals, in Pimple Saudager, is one of the best gynecology hospitals in Pune and their physicians provide compassionate, personalized care for a variety of women’s health issues like Menstrual problems, Birth control, Menopause, Endometriosis, Prenatal care, Pelvic pain, Infertility, Adolescent menorrhagia, High-risk deliveries, Contraception counseling, Premarital counseling, Fibroids, Preconception counseling, Family planning operations, High-risk, surgeries, Ovarian cysts, Tubal recanalization’s, IVF, IUI, Laparoscopic surgeries, Mammogram.

There are some women, who prefer a female doctor while there are others who feel more comfortable with a male. ONP Leela hospital has the availability of both male as well as female doctors in their hospitals. Cost is a primary consideration for a majority of women seeking a medical consultation with a gynecologist.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, one should look for attributes such as certification and qualification, background, experience, reputation, and excellent communications skills to make the best choice.

In ONP Leela hospital, also believe every child deserves the best medical attention, so we are equipped with the best infrastructure, and our treatments are as gentle as your love for your child. Dedicated to ensuring the well-being of newborns, infants, children, and adolescents, our primary care pediatricians offer comprehensive general and preventive care, as well as care for children with complex or chronic health issues.