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Plant-Powered Health: Exploring the Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Plant-Powered Health: Exploring the Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Introduction  The debate between vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets has been ongoing for years, with both sides presenting their arguments. However, a growing body of scientific research suggests that adopting a vegetarian diet can offer numerous health benefits. In...

Return & Refund Policy

ONP Hospitals believes in complete customer delight. Sadly, you’re looking for a refund.

  • We suggest you first help us understand what didn’t work right for you. here.
  • Money once deposited is Non-Refundable.
  • Packages purchased can be transferred to another person however certain terms & conditions are applicable.
  • Package Value can be redeemed for a certain list of Services.
  • Package/ sessions (whichever is applicable) once utilized will not be considered for any kind of refund or exchange of services.
  • Packages with expired validity can not be considered for any refund or exchange

It is mandatory to present Bill for any exchange or transfer of services or packages.