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Breast Feeding Week

Breast Feeding Week

Breast Feeding Week ( first week of August) got over yesterday . Many campaigns were alive – from TV to print to electronic media.
That breast milk is the best is proven by innumerable research studies & nobody should now have a doubt about that.

I would like to highlight an important point about breastfeeding – the stress that the mother puts herself through, the “pressure” that is built up in the first few days by the mother herself & the family & friends.The anxiety, the worry & the guilt felt & the tears that roll down when there is insufficiency of milk !!
What I would like to say to mothers is that breastfeeding is a natural process, which starts soon after birth and continues through the first year. So, let it happen naturally, let go of the stress, relax and feed. There is mo reason for breastfeeding to be unsuccessful.

Take professional help if needed. I have seen that when the mother is confident & motivated, she starts tuning in to her baby’s feeding pattern & appetite & things fall in place easily.
Over the month of August, i shall have a couple of Q&A sessions on breastfeeding. 

We will keep you posted!

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