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Breathing problems can be frustrating to deal with and can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep or enjoying a morning run.

Get rid of your lung (pulmonary) ailments and breathe a sigh of relief with our critical care for diseases like bronchial asthma, TB, infections, bronchitis etc.

ONP Hospital is one of the leading medical facilities in Pune for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of respiratory ailments. Pulmonary and critical care specialists at ONP Hospital are experts at solving the most serious and complex medical challenges faced by people with conditions that affect the lungs and breathing. Our pulmonologists are part of an integrated team of highly specialized medical and surgical experts who work together to care for people of all ages. They also collaborate regularly with doctors in other departments to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Among other solutions, we offer:

  • Pleurocentesis
  • Intercostal drainage
  • Fibre-optics bronchoscopies
  • Thoracoscopics

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