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We are a multispecialty healthcare provider in Pune, delivering the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to each and every one of our patients.

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Healthy Sleep Habits for Children: Tips for Parents

Healthy Sleep Habits for Children: Tips for Parents

Good sleep is essential for children’s health and development. Yet getting kids to sleep can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Establishing healthy sleep habits early on sets foundation for a lifetime of good sleep. Here are some practical tips. They will help...


Welcome to ONP Hospital, where the future of neonatal care unfolds within our state-of-the-art
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our commitment to delivering the highest standard of care
for our tiniest patients is evident in the cutting-edge technology, compassionate staff, and
innovative approaches that define our NICU.


Advanced Technology for Precise Monitoring

Our NICU boasts a range of state-of-the-art technologies that empower our medical team to
monitor and care for premature or critically ill infants with unparalleled precision. Advanced
respiratory support systems, continuous vital sign monitoring, and sophisticated imaging tools
enable us to provide real-time assessments and prompt interventions when needed.


Expertise Meets Compassion

Behind every piece of cutting-edge technology in our NICU is a team of dedicated healthcare
professionals committed to providing compassionate and personalized care. Our neonatologists,
nurses, and support staff are specially trained to handle the unique needs of premature and
critically ill infants, ensuring that each baby receives the individualized attention required for
their delicate journey to health.


Family-Centered Care Approach

At ONP Hospital, we understand that the NICU experience is challenging for families. That’s
why we embrace a family-centered care approach, providing a supportive environment where
parents can actively participate in their baby’s care. Our NICU is designed to accommodate
families, offering private spaces for bonding, education sessions, and emotional support to
navigate the emotional rollercoaster that often accompanies a NICU stay.


Innovations in Developmental Care

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond medical interventions. We recognize the
importance of holistic care for neonates, focusing on developmental care practices that promote
optimal growth and well-being. From music therapy to kangaroo care, we integrate innovative
approaches to enhance the overall development of our tiny patients.

Conclusion : 

At ONP Hospital, our state-of-the-art NICU is not just a facility; it’s a testament to our
unwavering dedication to the well-being of newborns and their families. With advanced
technology, compassionate expertise, and a commitment to family-centered care, we strive to
make the NICU experience as positive as possible for all involved. Trust us to provide your little
one with the best start in life, setting the stage for a healthy and vibrant future.